Monday, October 19, 2009

Past Month's Pics

Happy 5th Birthday Diana! She adores Hannah Montana so of course that's the kind of birthday she wanted to have. I made this guitar cake, we gave the girls at the party makeovers, while the boys made guitars. Then we played a musical chair kind of game with Hannah Montana's music and pin the microphone on Hannah Montana. All of the kids "pumped up the party"and were true "Rock Stars"!

Here is Hannah Montana herself-surrounded by all of her fans!

We took a family drive to the Uintas to see the fall leaves, however there is so much beetle rot that there wasn't very much color. We were pretty disappointed, but we did get some cut pictures of Diana. (Becca had fallen asleep )

One more birthday picture- Diana's friends thought it would be funny if they shoved her face in her cake. She was a good sport and proudly showed off her chocolate gotee.

We went to the zoo and one of the kids favorite things was the baby and mommy elephant.

Becca and Diana on the Carosel at the zoo.

Drew, Aunt Heather, and Aubrey on the Carosel.

This Orangutan loved Diana. He came right up to the window to see her. A large crowd gathered and after awhile I told Diana to move down so the other kids could see. Everytime she moved down to another window the Orangutan would follow her and stare at her. She thought it was fun and kept saying, "Hi Orangutan!"

Here we all are on the Zoo Train Ride!

Diana, Becca, and Aubrey at the zoo playground.

Becca exploring the tunnels at the zoo playground.

Becca on the zoo catepillar.

Cousin Drew in the zoo playground tunnel.

Diana, Becca, Aubrey, and Drew
Hogle Zoo October 2009

Summer 2009

Brian, Becca, and Diana at Yellowstone National Park.

Diana eating as fast as she can in the Watermelon eating contest at Heritage Park.

II had a conference for work in Cody, WY so I brought the family and we turned it into a vacation.

Me and the girls at Yellowstone Falls.

This is Caitlyn's attempt at the Watermelon Eating contest!

Here are the girls at the Salt Lake Aquarium.

Diana and Becca running in the fountains at a park in Las Vegas. We went there to watch their cousin Aliza perform in "Suessical".

Diana enjoyed the petting zoo area at Heritage Park.

Becca and Caitlyn enjoyed the pony rides at Heritage Park.

We had a fund day at the water park Cowabunga with Aunt Heather, Uncle Dave and Drew.

What's summer without enjoying some icecream!

Becca likes to help in the kitchen! What's for breakfast?

For Caitlyn and Becca's birthday's we had a horse theme and we took the girls horse back riding.

Caitlyn and Diana at Lagoon!

Diana and Becca at Lagoon!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

March and April 2009

Diana and Rebecca did some water color painting, it looks like Becca decided to paint herself a mustache! These girls are so silly. One day I came into the kitchen and they were standing on chairs up to the counter with a large mixing bowl and spoons. They claimed to be making dinner and had a concoction of bananas, peanut butter, crackers, and water mixed in the bowl!
Another day we brought the girls with us to help Bryan with one of the buildings he cleans at night. This building has a lot of offices in it. We set up a movie for the girls and Bryan started cleaning the bathrooms while I vacuumed. Next thing we know, Becca is running down the hall with no pants or diaper on! Bryan and I started our search, and sure enough we found her diaper, pants and a pile of poop on the floor in one of the offices!
This is Caitlyn with her friend Reagan. They had a 4th grade performance about the history of Utah, with speakers, singing and dancing. Caitlyn had a speaking part and she did really well.

The girls were lucky enough to dye Easter Eggs twice with Grandma Martin. They are going to be pros!

The girls also loved the Easter Egg hunt at Grandma Martin's house with all of the cousins!

The girls got to dye Easter Eggs again at our house with Caitlyn. We got to use these eggs for an Easter Egg Bash at Grandma Martin's house that was really fun!

Here are the three sisters in their new Easter dresses. We had a wonderful Easter together as a family. Caitlyn said this was the best Easter and her favorite part was making Resurrection Cookies.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Halloween and Christmas

This year we had our annual family Halloween party at our house this year. We had a pot luck of goulish foods and played some festive games. Pictured below are the family members that attended... in costume of course... I'm the witch and Bryan is the redneck hick (Bryan joked that these costumes matched our personalities- Ha, Ha!) Becca is the little mouse inside the cheese and Diana is unrecognizable decked out in her "shopper lady" attire.

Grandma and Grandpa Sinclair were able to make it and we were so glad!

Debbie and Christian as the Roman couple

Stephanie, Ronda and friend Adam

The Royal Family: Shannon, Seth and Aubrey

Above are Mike and Mom as the Phantom and Christine

Below are Heather, Dave, and Drew from Pirates of the Carribean

Diana and Becca had a lot of fun making cookies for Santa.

We went to Mom's Christmas Day and they had tons of snow! The kids loved playing in it. This is Diana's attempt at a snow angel.

Caitlyn and Diana had a lot of fun sledding, Caitlyn even "surfed" down the hill on one of the sleds.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Love, The Davis Family

Monday, October 20, 2008

In No Particular Order...

We went camping with Bryan's family in the Uinta's during Labor Day weekend. One day while we were there, we hiked up to Provo Falls with our good friends Garrett and Cynthia and their family. This is a spot Bryan and Garrett had taken me and Cynthia when we were dating. Wow- how time flies!

Diana had her 4th birthday! We had a carnival party with lots of carnival games and Grandma and Grandpa Martin brought their bouncy house. Diana was really excited to get her first bicycle!

Bryan and I moonlighting as carnival stars!

We went to East Canyon Resort with Mom and Mike for a few days. It was a fun place to spend time with the family swimming, playing shuffle board and barbequeing. Diana and her cousin Aubrey are giving miniature golf a try.

Our family also went to Lagoon. Becca was so brave. She wanted to keep up with her older sisters and would try any ride they went on.

Diana started pre-school at Buttons and Bows. She loves coloring and doing show and tell. She feels like such a big girl with her Dora backpack.

Becca is such a character. She brings a lot of laughter into our home.

These are mommy's little helpers. What would I do without them?